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Speedometer, Odometer & Module Repair

ABS Replacement

ABS Light On? Or is your ABS Error codes ir is your ABS not even running right.ツWe specialize in ABS Replacement. ASAP Speedometer Repair can fix your failing ABS Module.

Our expert technicians have experience on most makes and models including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Buick and Corvette.

Watch our short video that explains wheat we do and how you can get your ABS Replacement

ABS ReplacementIf you are in need of abs replacement we offer a mobile service that will come to you. We offer ABS Replacement in the Phoenix Area. or nationwode with our easy mail-in service. Simply Send us your failing ABS unit that needs to be replaced and we repair and send it back.ツIf you cant pass emissions because of an ABS error we do ABS Repair and Replacement.

Is your vehicle having ABS Replacement problems? We can offer same day ABS Repair in Phoenix AZ Area!!!

Here are the symptoms you need ABS Replacement or needs repair:ツABS PUMP ALWAYS ON | ABS LIGHT ON | ツSENSOR CODES: C0265, C0267, C0268.

Any questions about ABS Repair? Call us

ABS Replacement

Our excelleent technicians will assist you and answer all of your questions about the removal of your ABS unit.

A common question is what part do I need to send for repair?

Most of the vehicles have the ABS/EBCM located under the hood or mounted to the driver side, Inside the frame rail. No need to remove the ABS pump. Unplug the unit. ( Do not to break the retaining clip. ) Remove the four screws that hold the module to the to the pump. Gently pry ABS/EBCM off the pump. Send us the EBCM that you removed窶ヲ

We offer same day Arizona ABS Replacement / Repair!

ABS Replacement’s come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of the units we repair! That’s a lifetime Guarantee on your ABS Repair


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