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Tire Usage Tracking

Tire Usage Tracking

An occasional flat tire may not seem like a big deal, but to a transportation company, flats lead to downtime that causes stress for the driver and loss of revenue for your company. FleetPal’s fleet management software can help you significantly reduce flats and manage tire usage with tire usage tracking tools that will save your company time and money. Tire Usage Tracking is only one of the many features offered by FleetPal;

  • Preventive maintenance & repair solutions
  • On-the-road inspections scheduling
  • Issue tracking and management
  • Service and parts warranty tracking
  • And much more

How Does a Tire Usage Tracking Tool Save Money?

Keep track of the history of each tire on each vehicle in your fleet using FleetPal. Our software records mount & dismount, provides tread tracking, and predicts potential failure of each tire, so you can take proactive measures before drivers are on the roadside with a flat. Aside from the costs of fuel, tires are one of the highest operating costs of managing your vehicles. Intelligent tracking can significantly reduce overall costs by ensuring tire pressure maintenance is carried out in due time and tires are changed out at the optimum time.

What Causes Tire Failure?

While there are many different factors that can ultimately lead to tire failure, by and large, the three most significant factors include:

  1. Irregular wear
  2. Improper tire pressure
  3. Road hazards

It’s not always possible to reroute drivers to roads with fewer hazards, but it is possible to tackle the two biggest remaining factors that reduce the lifespan of tires and lead to flats. FleetPal ensures your drivers can locate inspection sites while on the road. Our software provides alerts that ensure mechanical problems are addressed immediately, many of which can be prevented by the use of our tools. Every aspect of FleetPal is designed to make managing your company’s assets a streamlined process that requires less work on the part of administration and drivers. Our software will keep you ready for all potential issues, helping you avoid costly repair services and downtime.

Additional Tire Usage Tracking Features

Count on FleetPal to keep trucks on the road with fewer emergency breakdowns and flats. The best tire tracking tools offer the following advantages:

  • Tire image storing
  • Tires in inventory
  • Predictive failure for tires on the road
  • Tire size tracking
  • Tire PSI tracking
  • Tire purchases
  • History of all tires
  • Tread depth tracking
  • And much more

Next-Gen Tire Tracking is Here

Look no further for an all-encompassing fleet management tool that will save your company time & money while giving your drivers peace of mind. Fleet Pal is often copied but never duplicated; our software is rated among the best on the market for features included, ease of use, and overall value. Request a free FleetPal demo to get a better sense of how our tools will help improve efficiency of operations at your transportation company. Contact us with any questions about FleetPal or explore our website for more details.

Tire Usage Tracking
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