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Canadian Kilometer Conversion

Canadian Kilometer ConversionCanadian Kilometer Conversion! Canada residents its easy to change your vehicles mileage from kilometers to miles. We will service your car or truck at our mesa arizona service center.

You can also send us your gauge cluster and we will change the kilometers to miles and then send it back to you.

If you live anywhere in the phoenix area. Ask About Our Mobile Service

Need to Convert Kilometers To Miles? Then contact us.

You can use any cell phone to change a kilometer to miles. In the US you will see road signs along the highway listing the miles to the next town or another city down the road. But what do you do when you are a Canadian in the United States where the highway signs are listed in kilometers?

What would it mean to you if you saw a road sign indicating that your destination was 106 miles? Well if you have your cell phone you could use an app that you already have on your phone to figure it out. Try using the Google Conversion Calculator.

But let’s not forget the most important reason you need to know how to convert kilometers. If you are Canadian in the US you will see road signs that read 60mph. If you know how to convert kilometers per hour / miles per hour, you would know that 100 km/h is approximately 60 mph.

Canadian Kilometer Conversion service will reprogram the odometer to change your car or truck to use miles instead of kilometers kmh to mph.

Canadian Kilometer Conversion

Kilometers / Miles Fact: A kilometer is 1760 yards. 80 kmh is equal to 50mph.

Canadian Kilometer Conversion will track miles rather than kilometers.

Ask about our kilometers to miles canadian odometer conversion if you need to read miles not kilometers.

Kilometers to miles odometer conversion requires a hookup to your vehicles computer and the ability to reprogram the gauge cluster. We have a professional technician staff ready to help canadians with odometer conversion.

Canadian Kilometer Conversion services!
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Have a professional kilometers to miles odometer conversion. Remember it’s illegal to tamper with the mileage of a car, we are certified and professionals that do it right.

Canadian Kilometer Conversion

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