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Canadians in Arizona – Odometer Kilometers to Miles

Canadian’s living in Arizona can now convert kilometers to miles on their odometers. Id you are having problems with teh use of mileage in AZ we can convert your gauge cluster odometer to use miles.

Kilometers to Miles conversion service that updates the odometer on your current gauge cluster. We will change your car or truck to use miles instead of kilometers.

Canadians in Arizona – Odometer Kilometers to Miles Conversion, You can come to our location in mesa or let our mobile repair unit come to you!

Have your odometer that uses kilometers converted to track mileage.

Odometer Kilometers to Miles Conversion Services

Canadians in Arizona - Odometer Kilometers to MilesCanadian odometers read in Kilometers. Canadian residents in Arizona are aware that when selling your vehicle the odometer will need to read mileage not kilometers.

Odometer Kilometers to miles conversion requires the proper software and the technical ability to update the gauge cluster with a computer that reprogram’s the odometer to miles.

Request the Kilometers to Miles conversion services!
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Yes, Swapping out a full gauge cluster with one that is close in miles from ebay could work, but the mileage wont be true. The proper way is to use your current gauge cluster not with a cluster from a different vehicle that is already using miles, It’s illegal to tamper with the mileage of a car.

If you are thinking about leaving your vehicle in kilometers in the U.S. Think about this most repair shops dont think about kilometers and will most likely record the car’s odometer in miles, not kilometers. Now, If they report the vin and mileage/km to a place like carfaxthis will casue, causing bad information in your cars repair logs. A serious problem when selling or trading in your vehicle

Odometer Kilometers to Miles

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