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Car Computers For Sale

We are now offering Car Computers For Sale – ECM and ECU For Sale

If you need your Car Computer Replaced, we have them in stock and can send them to you within 3 days.

We Sell Car Computers for all makes and models – CALL 480.464.ASAP of You have any questions!

Please use this form to send us your vehicle information and we contact you with a price for your replacement Car Computer.

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A Car Computer is commonly known as a ECM (Engine Control Module).

Car computers for sale. Buy your car computer from ASAP Speedo. We will ship you a new or rebuilt Car computer to install in your vehicle and replace your failing ECM. We have CAR COMPUTERS FOR SALE. No need to send us yours and have us repair it. Just Buy it and we ship it within 2-3 days.

Submit the form and we will ship you a fully functioningCar Compuer that is flashed to your VIN / Make and Model.

CAR COMPUTERS FOR SALEECM Repairs can be a frustrating problem with your computer, They’re difficult to find and trace down, ECM Problems often come and go. A mechanic may have issues reproducing the problems and the symptoms often appear far from the source. Sometimes, symptoms of the ECM don’t seem electrical in nature.

The Car Computer Problems and Symptoms is a bit misleading.

A car computer or PCM – ECM (powertrain control module – engine control module) is designed to read various sensors such as the crankshaft position sensor to deliver electrical commands to the fuel injectors, ignition system, transmission and camshaft position to name a few.