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Speedometer, Odometer & Module Repair

Dodge PCM Repair

Dodge PCM Repair by Asap Speedometer. Do not buy a new unknown PCM. We will repair and Fix yours. Dodge PCM Repair We service all Dodge Vehicle’s

We repair Dodge car computers ECM and PCM. Newer vehicles have a (Engine Control Module) also known as ECU.

We repair Dodge PCM.

Our PCM repair Techs are located in Mesa Arizona. We repair and ship nation-wide! Our Mobile Repair service will fix your PCM at your location or send it to us. You can purchase Dodge PCM repair from our online store.


Dodge PCM Repair at ASAP Speedometer Repair.

Dodge PCM RepairShip your Dodge PCM to us. We fix it and Ship it back to you. It is that simple!

Our PCM REPAIR TECHNICIANS are highly skilled and have the experience to fix your failing Dodge Engine Control Module.


How to know if you have a Failing PCM

It is often a driveability problem!
Does your car shut off while driving? Check engine light on?

If you send it to us and it is not a faulty PCM. We ship it back and refund the amount for the repair. Our Dodge PCM Repair technicians do not charge you for a service that you do not need. Buying a new module can be risky and expensive. So we recommend fixing your existing engine control module.

Dodge PCM Repair within 1 – 2 days f receiving it.

FREE priority mail shipping on your PCM repair. you must buy online the Dodge PCM / PCM repair in our online store.

Local Customers who are loacted within 60 miles of our shop, we offer a mobile service that comes to you.



PCM / ECU / PCM Electronic Control Modules. Electronic Control Units, Engine Computer Controllers, Transmission & Body Controllers. ASAP Speedo is now offering a full line of PCM / PCM services including a repair.

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