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Speedometer, Odometer & Module Repair

F250 Gauge Repair

Is your F250 Gauge Clusters broken or in need of repair? Do some of them work and some are OK? Are your dash bulbs dim or blown out, We can make the repair!

We specialize in F250 Gauge Repair. If you have fading gauges or a broken speedometer we can repair it all.

F250 Gauge Repair Cluster.

Using our service will let you keep your current gauge cluster. Simply Send us your broken gauge cluster, we will make the repair and send the repaired speedometer to you.

We also offer Led Lights for your Gauges. If your speedometer lights are dull. Brighten them with LED’s.

Speedometer Gauge Repair for your Ford F250.

We repair all Ford makes and models.

Our mail in Gauge Repair service lets you send your broken gauge cluster to us and we make the repair. you may not know how to make the repair yourself or remove your gauge cluster, just ask us ツhow.ツIt can be easier than you think to get your F250 Gauge Repair.

Get your F250 Gauge Repair with a LED Conversion.

Bright LED light Conversion - Green LED Conversion

Leave your stock dash lights behind and let us install ツLED.

Upgrade your entire dash with the latest in LED lighting technology! ASAP Speedo offers a complete lighting upgrade for your dashboard.


Burned out bulbs? Replace it with theツGauge Cluster LED Conversion Kit and never ever replace it again!

Tired of broken gauges? Get a fix for your dashboard and Upgrade to crisp, clean LED! We replace your factory lights. and ツinclude extras as the lighting needs can be different from year to year.

Upgrade your vehicle’s dashboard with aツGauge Cluster LED Conversion. Just follow the detailed instructions we provide. It is often as easy as removed some screws and changing the bulbs.

Click Here to get your FORD F250 Gauge Repair.


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