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FICM Repair

FICM Repair – Fuel Injection Control Module Repair

If you have a diesel ford, chances are your FICM unit will need repair at some point, Ford Diesels are good trucks but all good trucks get used and when they do they need to be maintained. ICM Repair Maintenance is something we specialize in. Its a repair were you send us your failing unit and we fix it and send it back to you.

It is inevitable that you will need a FICM Repair if you own a diesel ford truck.

A repair for your Ford Super Duty fuel injection control module for the P0611 error code.ツThere are other error code’s P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270, P0273, P0276, P0279, P0282 codes all most liked because you need FICM Repair.

If your truck is running like complete garbage crap until its warmed up. If so it sounds like a FICM issue. the cause is most likely low voltage to the FICM, and will cause them to go bad.

This FICM Repair service fixes 99% of all the failures.

We do a full inspection of all components. Identify and repair any common faulty solders.ツClean the board.ツWe do this to prevent it from occuring again. A ツquality control inspection andツreassembly. Then we will return the FICM Repair to you.ツOur experts will efficiently repair your units at a much cheaper cost then the competition.

You remove the faulty Ford Diesel Ficm Unit and mail it to us. Include your contact information.ツIncluding ツa copy of the invoice after you buy your FICM Repair Online.

We offer a ツLimited Lifetime Warranty on workmanship only. Warranty does not cover software or parts.

Purchase Your FICM Repair –ツClick Here to Buy your repair online!

We fix your FICM the day we receive it and return it the next day.

ASAP Speedo specializes in fixing Automotive Electronic’s. We also service ABS modules and faulty dashboard cluster’s.


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