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Flash Programming

Flash Programming in the automotive industry is a huge necessity and should be done on all vehicles when any type of fixes or maintenance is being done.

Flash Programming is an update to your cars computer.

Flashing refers to reprogramming engine control modules (ECMs). Taking a closer look at what flashing really is, why it is utilized on all cars.

Flash Reprogramming also applies to transmission control module, powertrain control modules (PCMs) and are essentially small-sized, dedicated computers.
Flash Programming

When you first turn on the ignition switch in the car, the ECM goes through a start up process not unlike your desktop computrer. The ECM窶冱 microprocessor has embedded software that instructs the microprocessor on its initial tasks. Using this software, the ECM will know how to initiate ignition and spark, actuate the fuel injectors, control valves, etc.

ASAP Speedometer Repair now offers FLASH Reprogramming Services

Watch this video to know more about Flash Programming.

Flash technology allows the entire programming to be erased all at once and then reprogrammed the same way with software updates. The entire page is deleted and reprogrammed all in one continuous step, and that means that one more potential source of error is eliminated in the process of making sure your vehicle is running at its best.. During the flash reprogramming process, all of the input data to the flash-PROM is verified to ensure accuracy.

Almost all new vehicles today are now flash programmable. This means that somebody will need to perform the work of programming the ECM. This is another step in the repair process.

To perform flash programming, some specialized equipment is needed. We have it! Contact us to have a professional use our Flash Reprogramming on your ECM, TCM, PCM.

We have the Flash Programming Software and computers to make updates to your cars computer’s

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