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Ford Diesel FICM Repair

Ford Diesel FICM Repair – Fuel Injection Control Module

This is a repair for your Ford Super Duty fuel injection control module for a no start / rough start condition or the P0611 error code.ツThis error code can also trigger low voltage on the injectors causing the P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270, P0273, P0276, P0279, P0282 codes.

Ford Diesel FICM Repair
Do you have issues with your truck starting incredibly rough, it runs like complete crap until its warmed up. If so it sounds like a FICM issue. What causes this is most likely low voltage to the FICM, this can cause them to go bad.

This service fixes 99% of all the failures within the FICM.

This listing is for one FICM rework that consists of the following. We will ツdo a full inspection of boards and components. Identify and repair any common faulty solder joints.ツClean the board and it’s components.ツStaking of large components to prevent it from hapenning again.ツFinal quality control inspection andツreassembly. Finally we will return ship it to you.

Our tecnical experts will efficiently repair your units at a much cheaper cost then the competition.

You will need to remove the faulty Ford Diesel Ficm Unit and send it to us.ツPlease Include your name, return address, and phone number.ツInclude a copy of the invoice requiredin the package with the Ford Diesel FICM Repair.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on workmanship only. Warranty does not cover software or parts.ツOur warranty does not cover return shipping expenses, outside labor, or any other expenses. Our warranty covers our shop labor for the FICM repair only.

FICM Removal

It is easy to remove the FICM. Disconnect your batteries to begin. The FICM is located typically to the side of the coolant overflow reservoir.

Ford Diesel FICM Repair

1. After letting the engine cool, remove and reinstall the reservoir cap to eliminate any built up coolant pressure.
2. Remove the two bolts holding the reservoir in place.
3. Using a plier, remove the hose clamp on the upper portion of the reservoir that is on the passenger side of the reservoir near the top. Set the hose aside, pointing it upwards to avoid coolant loss. Pull reservoir as far to the driver’s side as possible to provide FICM screw access.

The Next Steps forツFord Diesel Ficm Repair

Notice that there are four bolts holding the FICM in place. Remove these and then lift up on the FICM. There are 3 wiring harness plugs. First, push the plugs IN to relieve any pressure against the clips. Then, squeeze each plug one at a time one ツon the long edges and then pull these plugs straight down to get them out. The two bolts on the front are 10mm. The two in the back are difficult to see, but are 8mm.


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