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Speedometer, Odometer & Module Repair

Ford ECM Repair

Asap Speedo now offers Ford ECM Repair also known as Ford ECU Repair (PCM Repair, BCM Repair and TCM Repair for all Ford Vehicle’s)

We repair Ford car computers. Just about every car made in the last 15 years has an ECM (Engine Control Module).

We repair Ford ECM / ECU for just about every make and model Ford has.

Our Automotive circuit board Techs operate in the Phoenix area of Arizona. We do ship nation-wide! If you live in the Mesa Arizona Area you can bring your ECM to us or bring your Ford Car or Truck. You can purchase ECM repair from our online store.


Ford ECM Repair is easy.

ford-ecmShip your ECM to us. We fix it and Ship it back to you. That simple!

Our techs are highly skilled and love cars and will care about the fix we make for yours.


Common Ford ECM Repair Problems

ECU/ECM/PCM Failure = Is a driveability problem!

Does your car shut off while driving? Is your check engine light on? A defective engine control module can cause many other problems in your car.

Our Ford ECM Repair techs will not charge you for a service that you do not need. If you send it to us and it is not a faulty ECM. We ship it back and refund the amount for the repair..

Buying a new module can be risky and expensive. So we recommend Ford ECM Repair. We offer a 1 – 2 day return time.

For all ECM repair modules that are bought in our online store , you will receive free priority mail shipping on your purchase order or repair.

Local Customers within 60 miles of our shop, we have a mobile service that will come to you. We also do free code retrieval on all OBD2 vehicles.



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