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Speedometer, Odometer & Module Repair

Gauge Cluster Repair

If your dashboard instrument panel isn’t working properly or the lights are dim. It can be easier than you think to get this fixed.

ASAP Speedometer Repair provides Gauge Cluster Repair

We service most makes and models. Have your gauge clusters fixed and converted with LED lights. Not only will the instrument panel be guaranteed to work, they will shine brighter with LED.

Get your Broken Gauge Cluster Repaired.

Your factory gauges are lit with regular bulbs, Get LED gauge cluster conversions for a clean OEM look.ツYour factory ツgauge clusterツmay or may not finction, but it wasn’t designed with your personal tastes in mind. These LED’s are easy on the eyes. Choose from any of our color choices. Red, Green, Blue or White.

Watch our video about the types of Gauge clusters we repair.

If you have any questions we will can answer them. Call 480 464 2727

Features of fixing a Gauge Cluster Repair with a LED lighting:
Bright Interior | Illuminate in your color choice | Low power usage | Longer bulb life | 1 year warranty

ASAP Speedometer Repair offers a complete lighting upgrade for your dashboard.


Gauge Cluster RepairBurned out bulbs or failing gauges? have it fixed with the LED never ever replace it again!

Tired of dim lighting? Failing Gauges that don’t move. Upgrade your crisp, clean LED light! You will get 12 – 16 LED bulbs to replace your factory lights. We include a few extras as the lighting needs can be different from year to year.

Upgrade your vehicle’s dashboard with aツGauge Cluster Repair. Bright LED light Conversion - Green LED ConversionJust follow the detailed instructions we provide. It is often as easy as removed some screws and changing the bulbs. You can order the bulbs and do it yourself or we can do it for you. Ask about our mobile service in the Phoenix Area. Gauge Cluster Repair with LED lights

You can change the bulbs with removing the needle on most vehicles. Look at your dashboard and then think about this.

  • Brighter
  • Cooler
  • More efficient
  • Crisp lighting effects

Click Here to get your Gauge Cluster Repaired

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