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Kilometers to Miles – Mileage Conversion

Canadian residents moving to the US often have issues with Kilometers to Miles Mileage Conversion in their cars and trucks.

Our mileage conversion service will reprogram your odometer to miles from kilometers. To convert your kilometers to mileage, send us your gauge cluster and we will use our computer / software to make your vehicle start using miles and send it back to you.

1KM is equal to .62 miles. Which is 1760 yards. So 80 kilometers an hour is equal to 50 miles per hour. There are lots of ways to do simple math tricks to figure out how far or how fast you are going. But living in the United states you need to use miles. Having your odometer converted to track mileage instead of kilometers is the easiest way.

Kilometers to Miles – Mileage Conversion

malibuThe speed gauges reads in Km/h instead of mph in any country besides the United States. The odometer will read in kilometers instead of miles. If you buy a car imported from Canada or another metric country you will need to convert it to mph (miles per hour).

Converting Kilometers to Miles requires a computer and the ability to flash the cars computer and reprogram it to miles.

Contact us to request the mileage conversion services!CALL 480-464-ASAP (2727)

You can swap your current gauge cluster with a cluster from a US vehicle, but the actual mileage will have to be programmed for your vehicle.

Leaving your vehicle in a kilometers in the U.S. leaves you open a range of issues. When in the US, no matter how many times you tell the guys at the tire shop or alignment place, they will record the car in miles, not kilometers. You are in the US and if any of them reports the vin and mileage/km, that simply messes up the carfax and other resources for reselling vehicles, when you have contradictory information in its logs. This can be a serious issue when selling or trading in your car or truck.

And it’s the same as finding a cluster with similar mileage – it’s illegal to tamper with the mileage of a car.

Kilometers to Miles – Mileage Conversion / Correction

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