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Prius Display Repair

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular new hybrids and economy vehicles available. A key feature inside the Prius is the MFD ( Multi Function Display ); However many Prius Drivers experience trouble with a failing display unit.

We offer Prius Display Repair

The symptoms are the same as those you may have heard about in ther postings. For example intermittent problems with sluggish response of touch screen, no read-out of mileage or energy flows, radio shuts off suddenly, no climate control. Other functions you cannot reliably control with the touch screen. Ask about our Prius Display Repair. The multi-function display does not respond to touch inputs, so inputting an address to use the navigation is impossible. This also means you are unable to control the audio and climate controls from the screen.

Prius Display RepairIn a computer-filled car like the Prius, low battery voltage can cause all manner of strange failures. Before removing the MFD, test the 12V battery. It is relatively expensive to replace, so have it tested before replacing it. You can check the voltage using a voltmeter at the jump point under the hood.

If you check the 12V battery and this was not the problem. You can replace the MFD for $500 to $600 Dollars Used (Some dealerships say #5000 new). Used is expensive, but at least within reason.

Repairing the Multi-function Display is much cheaper. We specialize in Prius Display Repair

Prius Display RepairWe will fix the failing Prius Display issue. You remove the unit and send it to us, we will make the repair and send it back.

We will test if your multi-function display is broken and make the Prius Display Repair.

Usually the broken display problem only affects the 04/05 models. Failures on the 06 models occur but are not as common. A refurbished unit is available for $1300 as the screens for the Nav equipped models are 3x the price as the non-Nav models.

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