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Removing a Dashboard

We fix gauge clusters on just about all makes and models, Foreign and Domestic.

Sometimes getting at your dashboard gauge cluster is easier than you think. It takes the removal of hidden screws and popping out a few fittings that hold it in place. This video shows how to remove the dashboard of a Buick Century.

Watch our video that shows one of our techs Removing a Dashboard

Asapspeedometer has fixed hundreds if not thousands of Gauge clusters, so we have experience removing a dashboard. As you can see our technician does it under 5 minutes, it is not a race so don’t rush your dashboard removal. We have other videos of how to remove dashboards, so search our youtube page for the vehicle you are looking for.

It is important to have the right tools. Be aware that using the wrong tools for removing a dashboard can lead to broken, clips and or scratches. Watch our technician remove a dashboard carefully. This is how most dashboards come off.

Buick Century Dashboard RemovalTake your dashboard off to gain access to the gauge cluster. (speedometer, tachometer, fuel and other indicator gauges)

The gauge cluster will have wiring connections in the back, held in by clips, make sure to not break these. Remove the gauge cluster and ship it to us for your repair.

Our technicians are professionals in their field and our repairs come guaranteed.

Send us your failing or broken gauge clusters and we will make the repairs and ship it back to you, most of the time by the next day.

We are located in Mesa Arizona | 1850 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85203

When we repair the units. We use new upgraded parts! We have repaired thousands of these units and we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of the units we repair! (Note: Lifetime Warranty does not apply to bulbs. They do not last forever.)

Removing a Dashboard

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