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Auto Air Conditioning Plano

Auto Air Conditioning Plano It’s not easy finding reliable auto air conditioning services in Plano. Bring your vehicle in to Kwik Kar Automotive for professional service and repair you can rely on. Techs from Kwik Kar are ASE certified with experience and expertise, so you can feel confident about having work performed on your vehicle.

Technicians from Kwik Kar offer professional AC service and are able to identify potential problems and diagnose even the most difficult to find issues, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. Their experts are able to offer the following auto air conditioner service in Plano:

- Inspection of your system including hoses, valves, evaporator and other components
- Clean condenser fins
- Remove corrosion-causing moisture
- Test operation of the compressor
- Fill with refrigerant
- Check for leaks and proper pressure
- Check temperature of output air
- Ensure proper operation of controls, blower and fan

Kwik Kar Auto knows a properly working AC is critical, especially during the hot summer months in Texas. Don’t worry- their pros will help to keep you cool, regardless of the problems your AC is exhibiting.

It’s imperative that you have your AC system inspected once a year or about every 12,000 miles to ensure it is working properly and able to provide another year of cooling service. Failure to provide maintenance to your air conditioning system is simply asking for trouble down the road. As with maintenance on almost any machine with moving parts, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your technician has the best chances of catching small issues while they are easily repaired and affordable to take care of when you bring your vehicle in for an annual inspection. Waiting until a major part or component is broken will result in a costly repair and major inconvenience to you while your vehicle is being worked on. For this reason, it makes the most sense to protect one of your biggest investments- your vehicle- with a maintenance plan that will ensure your heating and cooling system is performing properly year round.

AC service is best handled by ASE certified technicians from Kwik Kar Automotive. Stop by Kwik Kar at any one of the 3 convenient locations, including:

- 2200 W Parker Road (972) 867-99111
- 10101 Custer Road (214) 547-0185
- 6916 Independence Parkway (972) 491-3550

Make an appointment by phone or over the KwikKarPlanoTx.com website by clicking on the ‘Make an Appointment’ link at the top of the home page. Learn more about what makes Kwik Kar uniquely qualified to work on your vehicle’s AC system by checking out the online resources on their website. You’ll find there is no better auto air conditioning shop in Plano.

For complete auto care, bring your vehicle in to Kwik Kar for its 30K/60K/90K/120K services to keep up with your vehicle warranty. Kwik Kar’s signature service is their affordable full-service oil, lube and filter service that comes with a multi-point vehicle inspection to help you maintain the highest level of safety while driving. Auto Air Conditioning Plano
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Auto Air Conditioning Plano
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