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Sugar Hill Auto Collision

Sugar Hill Auto Collision

Why You Should Choose Sugar Hill Auto Collision

Sugar Hill Auto Collision is an auto body shop unlike any other. When our customers come to us, they may have confusion when it comes to certain aspects of the process. If you or a loved one has been in an accident and are in need of auto collision repair, Sugar Hill Auto Collision is the best location for you.

We know how to assist you during each step of the repair and we make sure that you are not placing you in a position that is not advantageous over the short term or the long haul.

Contacting Our Offices

Once you have been in an accident, the time has come for you to contact our offices. We are happy to arrange for your vehicle to be towed and we will also arrange for a rental car if you should happen to need one. From there, the insurance company is contacted so that you are able to focus on the myriad of other items that will suddenly pop up on your to do list.

Damage Estimations

We are your go to auto collision shop for damage estimations. After the preliminary estimate has been offered, we will ask for the necessary approval from our customers so that the repair process is able to begin.

Assistance With The Insurance Company

Dealing with the insurance company at a time like this is not always fun. Why would you choose to deal with this type of annoyance when the good people here at Sugar Hill Auto Collision are more than happy to help?

With our assistance, you will have no trouble receiving the insurance monies that you need in as timely of a fashion as possible. There is no reason for you to ever try to handle a step like this one without our help.

Unparalleled Repairs

When you allow our team to take care of your repairs, there is no aspect of the vehicle that will go untouched. We are here to take a closer look at your frame and with our computerized measurement system, the vehicle is going to look like brand new in no time at all. Structural repairs are also handled on our premises.

The vehicle is reassembled by our team of experienced technicians and you may have a tough time remembering that an accident has even taken place. All of the subcontracting work that you need is done at this time. Our goal is to restore the vehicle to the proper condition so that you can be back on the road right away.

Once the repairs are complete, you are given access to a vehicle delivery service that is designed to make life easy. All you need to do is wait for our expert to arrive and you are on your way.

We do allow for you to enjoy a quality inspection with the assistance of our team members so that you are not left to wonder if all of the repairs that have taken place are able to meet your exact specifications.

Sugar Hill Auto Collision
Sugar Hill Auto Collision
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